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The power plant, which will be built for IKEA in Zbaszynek, Poland, works on the principle of thermochemical conversion of production waste, i.e. wood residues, including dust, into gas from which electricity will be generated. We have verified the technology of our Swedish partner Meva Energy and participated in the research and engineering of the entire technology, which we will also completely manufacture and put into operation.

Annually, this particular IKEA power plant is expected to produce 2.4MW of green energy, a saving of 14,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide compared to using fossil fuels. However, in addition to IKEA, other players in the wood industry are also using wood gasification technology to convert wood into electricity, and a plant is currently under construction in Sweden for Sofitel, the second largest producer of handkerchiefs in Europe. Within two years, the Swedish manufacturer will be able to move completely out of fossil fuels locally, thanks to the technology we are involved in.