Carbon Capture, Utilization & Storage

Carbon Capture is something we are passionate about, and as a member of the CCSA we are playing our part in the journey towards a net-zero environment. 

Our 30+ years supplying Gas Turbine Auxiliary equipment means we have the skills and know how to produce waste gas capture and processing systems. Dealing with large volumes of high temperature gas is second nature to us through our experience of providing Gas Turbine Exhaust systems to most OEMs.

Our range of products and services include small to large scale flue gas ducting of complex nature, stacks, heat exchangers, piping and vessels

We collaborate with leading technology partners to ensure the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.



Pressured & Non-pressured vessels

We offer a broad range of pressurised and non-pressurised vessels for use in the Carbon Capture Utilisation and Storage sector. Ranging from simple vessels, to complex high-pressure separation systems, our solutions are designed to meet the bespoke needs of our clients.

We design to ASME and EN standards, with our products and processes undergoing regular third-party inspection and certification. We can deal with most carbon, stainless and Duplex/Super Duplex steels, with in-house non-destructive testing capability.

Piping Systems

To support the vast array of piping required for a typical CCUS plant, we provide small and large diameter piping and support systems.

We can develop solutions for direct transportation of gas, cooling, and other critical processes. We can accommodate high-stress, high & low temperature and high-pressure applications, including insulation for acoustic and thermal protection.



Flue Gas Ducting

We have vast experience in designing complex flue gas systems, dealing with noise, in addition to hot and corrosive gases - often in large volumes. We can adapt our designs to meet the specific needs of our clients, often involving extensive and tortuous routing. 

We can provide flue gas systems of over 10m in cross-section, assembled in modular form for rapid assembly at site.

System Packaging

Our in-house packaging service allows us to fully integrate our clients electro-mechanical equipment which, when connected, allows rapid installation of your Carbon Capture plant at site.

Projects typically involve sensitive controls equipment, complex electrical systems, all designed and assembled within modules to facilitate a less complex and costly site installation phase.


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