Clean energy

We are driven by global change, particularly the requirements for clean energy solutions. We embrace the challenge of the energy transition, and our engineers are working on cutting-edge projects in this space. 

From projects that convert waste to both energy and physical product, to carbon capture and storage, to hydrogen generation, storage and transportation…you can be sure of a partner in 2JCP that is making responsible moves to protect our cherished Earth!



Hydrogen generation and storage

We support Electrolyser OEM’s to manufacture and packaging of their equipment within a controlled environment to the very highest levels of quality.

In addition, we are able to design and manufacture Hydrogen balance of plant equipment that plays a key part in treating, transporting and storing process fluids. 


Carbon capture & storage

Our know-how and experience from a wide range of previous successful projects allows us to support significant parts of the project that ensure the effective capture and storage of CO2. We are a member of the international CCSA association and our engineering teams work on highly innovative global solutions.


Renewable gas technologies

Working alongside a number of technological partners, 2JCP compliment their scientific know-how with our ability to produce equipment that is manufacturable in modular form, easy to install and operates efficiently.

Supporting many types of waste product, from car tyres to animal waste, we see waste-to-X as a key element of sustainable generation.



Mechanical Systems

Our broad range of mechanical products are dedicated to the transportation, treatment and storage of high and low pressure fluids across a wide range of temperatures and chemical compositions. We supply the following products in a range of materials, as part of a broader project scope:

  • Heat Exchangers
  • Chillers
  • Absorbers
  • Condensers 
  • Pressure Vessels, Columns & Storage Tanks 
  • Ventilation Systems

Piping Systems

Working in combination with our mechanical solutions, our piping systems are designed to deal with the transportation of high and low pressure fluids across a wide range of temperatures and chemical compositions. 

We can supply piping in a variety of sizes, in modular, skid and structure mounted form.  We can also include valves, controls, and instrumentation into our systems.





Balance of Plant Systems

We have vast experience in designing large Flue Gas Ducting and support systems to deal with challenging gasses produced as a result of the capture and treatment process. We are capable of producing duct runs in excess of 1km in length in various materials and construction types.  We can also provide noise treatment, thermal protection, expansion technology and flow control equipment.



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