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Energy Solutions

As an engineering group focused on the energy of the future, we see the world as one for all. We feel a great responsibility for what we do with it and how we leave it for future generations.

Our commitment drives us to make strong choices without compromises on technical quality, people involvement or environmental impact.

Our Solutions


We provide Engineered Noise Control, Filtration and Auxiliary solutions for Industrial and Aeroderivative Gas Turbines.


With over 30 years in the industry, 2JCP supply a wide range of noise control, filtration and auxiliary products for the Energy, Oil & Gas, and Industrial sectors.

Whether the project is Onshore or Offshore, we can provide the optimum solution to ensure your asset operates reliably and efficiently.

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We design and manufacture various hydrogen processing components as well as package entire electrolyzer systems.


Our range of products and services include packaging of our clients’ Electrolysers, to the design and manufacture of auxiliary systems such as cooling, gas processing, transportation and storage.

Our dedicated Hydrogen plant helps us to achieve the highest of quality levels, a pre-requisite for this sector.

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We design and manufacture a wide portfolio of equipment used in carbon capture and storage solutions.


Our know-how and experience from a wide range of previous successful projects allows us to support significant parts of the project that ensure the effective capture and storage of CO2. 

We are a member of the international CCSA association and our engineering teams work on highly innovative global solutions. From smaller modular integrated skids, through pressure and non-pressure storage tanks, to large-scale flue gas carbon capture ducting and plant, you are sure to find the right CCUS partner in 2JCP.

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We support technology companies in development and fabrication of scalable renewable gasification plants.


Our customers rely on high quality support ranging from co-development of solutions, through detailed engineering of the plant’s equipment to precise manufacturing of each individual component and full installation on site (EPCI services).

Our primary focus is on technology companies developing unique pyrolysis solutions aimed at reducing various waste products and lowering overall global carbon footprint.

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We specialize in supplying pressure and non-pressure vessels and tanks to the offshore wind industry.


Our vessels and tanks are designed to withstand harsh offshore conditions and are built with high-quality material grades that ensure durability and longevity. They are destined mainly for HVDC converter stations and offshore substations.

We pride ourselves in supplying reliable and efficient solutions that meet customer specific needs.

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We design and manufacture a wide portfolio of equipment mainly for large-scale heat pumps as well as biogas and biomass boiler rooms.


We are proud to put heating for life at the forefront of sustainability discussions, and support the design and manufacture of heat pump and renewable heating applications. Our main focus lays on pressure vessels, boilers and heat exchangers of various sizes.

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We offer a wide range of products and services to the Aerospace industry, with a strong focus on Engine test equipment.


Our rich history of working with Industrial and Aeroderivative Gas Turbines means we understand the challenges of this sector, particularly with respect to noise and protection of the engine from FOD.


We are leading experts in the manufacture of various processing equipment to meet the stringent hygienic demands.


We have many years’ experience in the manufacture of can washers, rotary dryers, ovens, storage tanks and other similar products, with dedicated production lines to segregate these products from others.


We offer a wide range of products and equipment for the subsea oil-and-gas applications.


Our robust Subsea Trees, Mud Mats, UTAs (umbilical termination assembly), Debris caps and SDUs (subsea distribution units), are manufactured to the highest standard, to stand the test of time.


We manufacture a wide portfolio of welded products for most renowned global construction machinery and mining OEMs. 


We have many years’ experience in supplying fuel and hydraulic tanks, crane booms, stabilizers, outriggers and other similar products.

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Customized solutions


We offer turnkey engineering and manufacture of special-purpose modularized systems for various industries.


We support our customers with engineering and fabrication of modularized solutions for rapid installation and commissioning, covering all the sectors we serve. Assembly and inspection services are available at our works.

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Besides traditional on-demand serial manufacturing, we help our customers turn custom projects into optimized serial production.


We have 20+ years experience in manufacturing serial and high-volume production. For these projects, we have a specially set process and a dedicated team to ensure optimal project flow, low production costs and, above all, long-term consistent customer support.

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Our Global Footprint

We work with the most prestigious industrial and energy companies around the world. 

Over thirty years, we have supplied and installed many power and clean energy equipment. Whether in Australia, the USA, Scotland, Norway or Denmark, you will find our footprint in many places on the planet.

Therefore, we have set up our sales & engineering centers in Continental Europe, United Kingdom as well as the United States to be as close to our customers as possible.  


Our Projects

With a strong heritage in Power Products, we constantly move with the times to ensure maximum added value to our stakeholders. Our journey from fossil fuels to renewable energy solutions is key to our success, as we strive towards a Net Zero future.

Our Approach

We have grown through a combination of engineering know-how, courage, common sense and the proven skills of our workers. We are the bridge between thinking and making, between an idea and a multi-ton product, between our generation and the next.

Engineering and innovations

Many of our works delivered around the world were the first of their kind, whether they were components of drilling systems or green methanol production solutions. We have always tended to be co-creators of engineering solutions, never giving up on any technological challenge. Whatever can be invented can be manufactured.

Manufacturing and delivery

Our roots are in the welding shop where it all began thirty years ago. We know well enough about steel to make it work perfectly for the energy projects of the future.

We also know that even a well-made component is useless until it's delivered, up and running. That's why we handle the entire product lifecycle - from design to go-live.

Our Services

360 degree approach to design and manufacturing is what distinguishes us from our competition. It is what makes our products and solutions unique in the global energy manufacturing space. That is why we are preferred partners to the top global OEMs and technological leaders.

We regularly invest into latest software and manufacturing equipment to further optimize and streamline our production.


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