2 JCP supply a wide range of noise control products for the Industrial sectors.

Whether the project is Onshore or Offshore, we are able to provide the optimum acoustic product.


  • Acoustic Enclosures
  • Acoustic Doors
  • Silencers and Ducting
  • Ventilation Systems
  • Pipe Lagging Attenuation
  • Sound Barriers
  • Noise control treatment of existing plant


Industrial Enclosures

Our high performance Enclosures protect your personnel from the high levels of noise and heat associated with Gas Turbines, whilst also protecting the sensitive equipment contained within from the outside environment. We are able to provide enclosures with pre-installed electrical and fire and gas components in order to minimize assembly time at our customer’s facility. Our capabilities extend to fire rated and blast resistant enclosures.


Sound Barriers

When the noise source is simply too large to contain, a noise barrier may be the most appropriate solution. We are able to provide sound barriers for road transport, aircraft testing, mining and many other industrial challenges.


Test Facilities & Equipment

We are able to offer standard and bespoke test facilities and equipment for a wide range of applications, from Industrial Fan testing to Gas Turbine Engine testing. Our aim is to provide a turnkey solution utilizing our partners across many sectors, such that our clients gain maximum benefit of a ‘one stop shop’.


Pipe Lagging

We offer a range of solutions for hot and cold piping systems including hard lagging, quick install soft cladding, designed specifically to meet the challenge of the piping process. We are able to provide noise assessments and solutions to existing equipment where our customers have experienced an unexpected noise challenge.