Our subsea system customers continue to grow. We're y​our first choice for the highest quality fabrication of subsea systems with on-time delivery and capacity to do major international projects.



  • Subsea Distribution Unit (SDU) Mudmat
  • Umbilical Termination Assembly (UTA) Frames
  • Portable Communications Inter-face Unit (PCIU) Mounting Base
  • Hydraulic Chemical Distribution Module (HCDM)
  • MEG Distribution Manifold (MDM)
  • Parking Frames
  • Rotor Rings for Tidal Turbines


Quality approvals in place

2 JCP‘s welding process qualification is approved to latest GE O&G VGS standards for carbon steel structures

2 JCP‘s painting process qualification is approved to latest GE O&G VGS standards


Ideal logistics location

2 JCP is located just 10kms from largest river port in the Czech Republic, Mělník, which is connected to all Northern European deep sea ports

This allows most work to be completed at shop with large cost savings

In case of ENI Ghana project 100% of work was done in 2 JCP shops

2 JCP has a facility in Antwerp, where we can finalize large fabrications exceeding 7000mm width


Engineering support

2 JCP offer free engineering support in Florence, Italy during design phase

Free parallel detail engineering in 2 JCP in Czech Republic


Proposed project execution

2 JCP fabricate buffer stock of UTA frames including painting to allow customer to do internal fitup at their convenience

UTA frame without mudmat can be transported by truck at low costs (approx £600 per frame) to Nailsea for internal fitup

After fitup completed UTA will be shipped back to 2 JCP (again low costs) to weld on substructure and mudmat

2 JCP will complete assembly, perform FAT test and store units

Completed units can be shipped using river barge to any North European deep sea port (our preference Antwerpen)

Eliminating large logistics costs as well as premium rates for working at external sites


Large available capacity

2 JCP has large capacity for carbon steel fabrications. Our available capacity is 10000 man hours per month.

This allows us to fabricate buffer stocks of Mudmats, UTA frames and UTA mounting bases



Within 5 years the subsea sector will double in size, and within twenty years

the subsea production will be on par with traditional oil and gas production offshore.

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