2JCP Foundation

We support underage children with various types of disadvantages. We organize events for children of employees and support organizations caring for dependent, sick and disabled children. 


As the number of employees grew, we felt the need to help them and their families. We decided to establish the 2JCP Foundation.

As of 2019, we have reviewed many applications. We support the vast majority of them, some for the long term. 


Before 2JCP was a group, it was a small family business where everyone knew each other and were almost neighbours. Moreover, it was at a time of great social change. At that time, everyone helped and supported each other at work.

Even with size and time, we don't want to lose the ability to help each other. Of course, this is no longer possible on the basis of neighborhood empathy, but we have had to find other tools to help each other within the company and the community.  

By setting up the Endowment Fund we have created a way to help, we have given it a framework and rules to ensure that we support as much as possible.


Our employees can contact our HR department at any time and they will help them with the formalities of the application process. This is reviewed by the 2JCP Foundation committee. After its assessment, assistance is usually granted.

A similar process for obtaining support applies to community activities in the area. Operators and organisers of activities for children can also contact our HR department to apply for support.