2JCP to Create a Groundbreaking Carbon Capture and Hydrogen Purification Plant for KEW Technology

Ripley, Derbyshire, January 30, 2024 – 2JCP has been awarded an engineering and manufacturing contract by KEW Technology to design and build a unique modular CCH₂ (Carbon Capture and Hydrogen Purification) plant at KEW's Sustainability Energy Center in Birmingham, UK.


KEW Technology, a recipient of Phase I funding from the UK government's Greenhouse Gas Removal (GGR) competition, has pioneered a modular Bioenergy with Carbon Capture and Storage (BECCS)-H₂ GGR solution known as the Carbon Capture and Hydrogen Purification (CCH₂) product. This innovative technology is designed to facilitate cross-sector deep decarbonization and generate negative emissions, producing high-purity CO₂, industry-grade hydrogen (H₂), and fuel cell vehicle (FCV) hydrogen using KEW's advanced gasification process.

KEW Technology has selected 2JCP to design and build their world's first CCH₂ plant, strategically situated at KEW's Sustainable Energy Center in Birmingham, UK. This plant will be connected to the existing Advanced Gasification Plant, using outputs from the current production of high-quality synthetic gas.

Planned integration of the CCH₂ plant within KEW’s Sustainable Energy Center

Grant Devine, Sales Director of 2JCP’s Power Solutions business unit, expressed his enthusiasm, stating, "We are extremely delighted to have been awarded this contract by KEW Technology. It will be both an honour and an exciting challenge for our teams in the UK and Czech Republic to deliver this state-of-the-art solution. What's especially exciting is that our extensive knowledge of modular designs will make this solution scalable and deployable worldwide."

The upcoming CCH₂ solution will enhance the reformed H₂-rich syngas by utilizing water-gas shift (WGS) conversion, providing an industrial-grade H₂ source as a sustainable alternative to fossil-derived H₂ or natural gas. Concurrently, CO₂ will be selectively removed from the syngas stream via pre-combustion capture, then liquefied and purified before being transported to the nearest pipeline or employed in concrete and building materials production. This environmentally friendly sequestration process maximizes the GGR impact. Additionally, the H₂ can undergo further purification, such as Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA), to meet the stringent specifications required for fuel-cell and transport applications.

Overview of the CCH₂ production process

The CCH₂ will be designed and built by 2JCP as a modular demonstrator facility, offering proven units with the flexibility for future module installations to be deployed at scale. 2JCP boasts extensive experience in the design and construction of modular plants across various industries, including modularized gas turbine enclosures and scalable PEM electrolyzers.

"We at KEW can be extremely proud to have developed this innovative technology, and are delighted to partner with 2JCP who will assist us in turning the concept into reality. Collectively, our engineering teams are stronger than the sum of our parts, and a demonstrable greenhouse gas reduction plant in successful operation will help us in leading the way to achieving the UK’s net zero targets", added KEW Technology’s Procurement Leader, Stephen Palmer.

More about KEW Technology

Watch a short video on how our customer KEW Technology is reinventing Waste-to-Energy for a sustainable, circular economy.

About 2JCP
2JCP was founded in 1992. It is a global leader in providing a diverse range of engineered solutions for gas turbines, hydrogen generation, carbon capture and storage, and waste-to-X sectors. With a project footprint in over 50 countries, 2JCP operates engineering offices and manufacturing facilities across Europe and North America.

The company is part of the portfolio of Jet Investment, a Czech investment firm with a 25-year track record of specializing in industrial company investments. Clean energy is set to become the focus of their future acquisitions.



About KEW Technology
KEW Technology is a UK-based sustainable energy solutions company. KEW’s technology provides an innovative approach to tackling climate change by efficiently converting all types of non-recyclable wastes and low-grade biomass into sustainable energy products, such as rDME (LPG & diesel substitute), hydrogen, heat and advanced fuels. KEW sits at the heat of two parallel market (r)evolutions: the drive to zero carbon emissions and the shift to a zero-waste circular economy.

KEW’s technology enables industrial, commercial and residential energy consumers achieve net zero energy ambitions, particularly in harder to decarbonise areas of energy use such as industrial gases, heating and fuels for off-grid and transport sectors.


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We have grown through a combination of engineering know-how, courage, common sense and the proven skills of our workers. We are the bridge between thinking and making, between an idea and a multi-ton product, between our generation and the next.

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