Gas-Fired Power Generation

Our natural gas power solutions can be tailored for the most challenging conditions. From extreme high and low temperatures to offshore applications, our experienced engineering teams combine with state-of-the-art manufacturing to create integrated solutions for both new-build and retrofit projects.


With over 30 years in the industry, 2JCP supply a wide range of noise control, filtration and auxiliary products for the Energy, Oil and Gas, and Industrial sectors. Whether the project is Onshore or Offshore, we are able to provide the optimum solution to ensure your asset operates reliably and efficiently.

With experience of 5MW to 600MW Power Units, we support both OEM’s and Operators from concept design through to operation and whole-life support.  Our products are constantly developing to ensure your assets have minimal impact on the environment and maximum return on investment.




Air Inlet Filtration, Silencers and Ducting

Our clean air intake systems are designed to operate in extreme environments including offshore, desert and sub-zero, ensuring optimum engine performance is achieved. Cleanliness and Power output is at the forefront of our minds when designing and building our systems.

Acoustic Enclosures

Our high-performance Enclosures are designed to protect your personnel from the noise and heat associated with Gas Turbines and other industrial machinery, whilst protecting your assets from the outside environment. We are able to provide enclosures with pre-installed electrical and fire & gas systems in order to minimize assembly time at our your facility. Our capabilities extend to fire rated and blast resistant enclosures.



Ventilation Systems

Our ventilation systems are designed to ensure optimum filtration and acoustic performance is achieved, whilst providing effective cooling and gas dispersion. We are also able to provide extinguishant and fire-rated dampers, axial and centrifugal flow fans, expansion joints and all other equipment associated with Ventilation Systems.

Exhaust silencers, Ducting and Stacks

We have vast experience in dealing with the challenge of designing low noise, hot Exhaust Systems in onerous environments. We are able to finely tune our designs to ensure optimum acoustic and dynamic performance is achieved. We are able to provide Combustion Exhaust systems for high wind and seismic environments, and we offer solutions for emissions reduction.



Catalyst Systems

Our Catalyst systems are custom designed to meet regional emissions requirements for each and every Gas Turbine type. Carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons, nitrogen oxides and sulphur oxides can be significantly reduced through single or multi-stage systems, whilst carefully balancing system pressure loss and subsequent MW output.

Piping Systems

To compliment our Enclosure and Ducting systems, we provide small and large diameter piping systems for a number of high integrity applications. We can develop solutions for fuel, lubrication, cooling, bleed-off and other critical processes. We can accommodate high-stress, high temperature and high pressure requirements, including insulation for acoustic and thermal protection.



Spare parts & Aftermarket services

Our highly skilled internal aftermarket and site installation teams ensure that the wheel doesn’t stop turning once the goods are delivered. We can offer a variety of services including onshore and offshore condition and life-extension assessments as well as 3D Scanning capabilities. We can also offer the full range of Spares to service your critical asset maintenance requirements.

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We offer our clients the unique opportunity of retrofitting performance enhancing technology on ageing Gas Turbine and Compressor assets to increase power output, extend life and reduce emissions. We also design and manufacture tailored equipment for modern, new-build gas power stations.

Our technology leads to significant extensions in maintenance intervals, meaning return on investment is also considerably improved.


  • Increases output by 30% or more during high ambient temperatures
  • Lower capital cost by 20% to 75% per MW when compared to new gas turbines
  • On demand, predictable and reliable power augmentation
  • Improves heat rate, i.e. more kWh from Btu of gas
  • Operational availability within 12 months of order
  • Fast payback time
  • Energy Storage options available
  • Proven technology with 100’s of installations 



Air Inlet Cooling

2JCP’s Engineered Turbine Inlet Cooling (TIC) solutions represent state-of-the-art technology that can increase overall power output of gas turbines by 10-40%. We know that power is key, and can accurately define and control our customers’ cooling needs to maximise power output. 2JCP can offer TIC solutions for both high and low humidity, from Evaporative Cooling Media Technology to Cold Water Coils, installed in new build Intake systems or custom designed as a retrofit solution in existing filter house assets. 2JCP’s TIC technology reliability significantly extends maintenance intervals of gas turbines, including those working in hard, desert conditions.

Air Inlet Heating & Anti-Icing

Our high performance Inlet Heating and Anti-icing solutions are designed to protect your assets during harsh arctic or icing conditions. We are able to provide an array of safe area and hazardous rated heating and anti-icing solutions from traditional electric duct heating to Infrared and trace heated vane separators. With a huge range of bespoke designed and installed air heating systems in the field, 2JCP can help you to beat the extremes.



High Efficiency Filtration Upgrades

We have a significant portfolio of high efficient filtration for both new and existing filter house assets. Combined with pre-filter stages for maximum protection, we are able to offer bespoke technology solutions to cater for low to high velocity filter systems, particularly where space is at a premium.  

HEPA filtration upgrades ensure less engine washing and maintenance, leading to significant lifecycle cost savings.

Emission Reduction

Our pre or post-combustion emission reduction systems are designed to guarantee strict regulatory emissions levels are achieved, whilst optimising flow distribution and minimising pressure loss. We are able to provide bleed-to-inlet systems on the pre-combustion side, as well as SCR or CO catalyst systems post-combustion, with all associated auxiliaries including rakes, flow straighteners, emissions ports and transitions associated with emission reduction technology.


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