Hydrogen Generation & Storage

Our rich history in the Power and Oil & Gas sectors means we are naturally equipped to support the emerging Energy markets, which are critical to our goal of achieving a net-zero planet.

Our range of products and services include packaging of our client's electrolysers, to the design and manufacture of auxiliary systems such as cooling, gas processing, transportation and storage.

Our dedicated Hydrogen plant helps us to achieve the highest of quality levels, a pre-requisite for this sector. 

Where are we active?

As a leading engineering and manufacturing company, we are proud to actively participate at numerous hydrogen projects and technologies, including industrial-scale electrolysers or hydrogen co-powered power plants.

Check our view on the entire hydrogen ecosystem, key sources and main use cases of hydrogen and which areas of business we actively support.



Pressured & Non-pressured vessels

We offer a broad range of pressurised and non-pressurised vessels for use in the hydrogen production and storage sector. Ranging from simple storage vessels, to complex high-pressure separation systems, our designs are designed to meet the bespoke needs of our clients.

We design to ASME and EN standards, with our products and processes undergoing regular third-party inspection and certification. We can deal with most carbon, stainless and Duplex/Super Duplex steels, with in-house non-destructive testing capability. 

Piping Systems

To compliment our other pressure and non-pressure systems, we provide small and large diameter piping for a number of hydrogen auxiliary sub-systems.

We can develop solutions for direct transportation of fuel gases, cooling, and other critical processes. We can accommodate high-stress, high & low-temperature and high-pressure applications, including insulation for acoustic and thermal protection.



System Packaging

Our in-house packaging service allows us to fully integrate your electro-mechanical equipment which, when connected, allows rapid installation of your energy plant at site. Projects typically involve sensitive controls equipment, complex electrical systems, all designed and installed to meet the requirements for hazardous areas.

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