Renewable Heating

We design and manufacture a wide portfolio of pressure vessels, boilers and heat exchangers destined predominantly for large-scale heat pumps as well as biogas and biomass boiler rooms.

We are proud to put heating for life at the forefront of sustainability discussions, and support the design and manufacture of heat pump and renewable heating applications.



Boilers & Heat Exchangers

We offer a diverse portfolio of shell and tube heat exchangers and boilers for use in renewable heat applications including heat pumps. Ranging from low-pressure stroage, to complex high-pressure heating, cooling and processing systems, our solutions are designed to meet the bespoke needs of our clients, focusing on creating sustainable heating.

We design to ASME and EN standards, with our products and processes undergoing regular third-party inspection and certification. We can deal with most carbon, stainless and Duplex/Super Duplex steels, with in-house non-destructive testing capability.

Piping Systems

We can supply small and large diameter piping and support solutions as part of a broad scope of work, or as a standalone project.

We can develop solutions for direct transportation of gas, cooling, and other critical processes. We can accommodate high-stress, high & low temperature and high pressure requirements, including insulation for acoustic and thermal protection.


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