Sunrise Wind, New York, USA

Large-scale offshore wind energy for New York City

Why We Committed to the Project

Offshore wind energy is a key element of the global plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Nearly 300 GW of new offshore wind capacity is expected to be built worldwide by 2030, representing a tenfold increase on 2020 capacity. Europe and the east coast of the United States are the main areas for offshore wind park development. As of 2022, 2JCP is also part of these projects. In cooperation with our Norwegian partner Midsund Industriservice, we supply special-purpose and storage tanks for HVDC converter stations, which are an important part of large offshore wind projects.


How We Contributed to the Project 

For this project we have developed and manufactured three unique large capacity tanks. Two nearly identical storage tanks that will serve as fuel tanks for the backup diesel generators in the event of a power outage on the HVDC platform. These tanks are double walled for maximum safety, have heated bottoms to prevent diesel fuel freezing, and are structurally robust enough to withstand transport from Norway across the ocean to New York, already fully loaded with operating fluid. Each tank weighs empty 16 tonnes, and up to 63 tonnes when filled with diesel fuel. 
The freshwater service tank was also a big challenge. Just like the diesel tanks, this tank must be 100% leak-proof throughout its operational life. This was verified by repeated hydrostatic pressure tests and, in addition, 100% weld flawlessness was verified by capillary testing, which is quite unique for a welded product of this size. It was also challenging to design and implement the structural requirements of the tank. Similarly to diesel tanks, this one must also withstand transport across the ocean already filled with more than 60 m3 of fresh water. 

“Sunrise Wind was a pilot project for 2JCP in the field of offshore wind energy. We successfully demonstrated that our teams are capable of designing and manufacturing an exceptional product that can withstand even the harshest marine conditions. We are pleased that our proactive approach to the project was also appreciated by the customer and, thanks to our successful work on the Sunrise Wind project, we were awarded two more similar projects, this time in the North Sea", said Vojtěch Křenovský, our Group CEO. 


Location of the Sunrise Wind offshore farm
© Siemens Energy


Visualization of the Sunrise Wind HVDC platform
© Siemens Energy


Completed storage tank before shipment to Norway

More About the Project

Sunrise Wind part of an ambitious government plan to build a family of large wind farms on the East Coast of the United States. The project is being built in the Atlantic Ocean, in the Long Island area of New York, and will bring huge environmental benefits and energy self-sufficiency to the area.

As part of the project, over 80 wind turbines will be installed with a total capacity of nearly 900 MW. These turbines will be erected on offshore platforms and will be capable of generating power for approximately 500,000 New York homes. In particular, the project will use 84 massive SG11.0-200DD turbines from Siemens Gamesa, each with an installed capacity of 11 MW.  
The environmental significance of this project is substantial. If successfully implemented, the project will reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the Long Island area and throughout the United States. The Sunrise Wind project is part of New York State's plan to achieve energy self-sufficiency and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 2030, which should help protect the climate and improve air quality.  
The Sunrise Wind project also has the potential to create more than 800 jobs in wind turbine manufacturing and installation, which will contribute to the economic development of the region. Ørsted, the company behind the project, is committed to working with local communities and respecting their needs and interests.


With a strong legacy in energy products, we are constantly moving towards cleaner energy solutions.

Turnkey delivery of a renewable gasification plant
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Upgrading power plant's existing filterhouse with an inlet chilling technology (coming soon)
Redhawk power plant, Arizona, USA

Packaging of industrial electrolyzers for production of e-methanol
Power-to-X plant, Kassø, Denmark

Our Approach

We have grown through a combination of engineering know-how, courage, common sense and the proven skills of our workers. We are the bridge between thinking and making, between an idea and a multi-ton product, between our generation and the next.

Engineering and innovations

Many of our works delivered around the world were the first of their kind, whether they were components of drilling systems or green methanol production solutions. We have always tended to be co-creators of engineering solutions, never giving up on any technological challenge.

Whatever can be invented can be manufactured.

Manufacturing and delivery

Our roots are in the welding shop where it all began thirty years ago. We know well enough about steel to make it work perfectly for the energy projects of the future.

We also know that even a well-made component is useless until it's delivered, up and running. That's why we handle the entire product lifecycle - from design to go-live.